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We offer a variety of resources at our facility including full service Life and Career Programs. If you are seeking a career change, need help with resume building or wish to explore personal growth, the staff at the Life and Career office will be happy to assist you.

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Hope this helps. We can assist you in building this document with our customized service. IF you also need help with Resume and recommendation letters, we have discounted special packages.

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Do you need help with resume writing or career direction? Do you need coaching or instruction?I can help.

For more information on the jobs available to chemistry graduates, visit ECU's and the run by the American Chemical Society. Need help with resume writing, job searching, and interviewing? The Career Center staff can help, and so can our own , who has almost 30 years of work experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

The CIS model of student support is well-suited for corporate partnership, with a wide variety of opportunities to give back to our community. Our older students are eager to explore career options, and need help with resume writing, interview skills and job shadowing. Students at any grade level can benefit from tutoring in math and reading. Corporate sponsorship is frequently needed for field trips and special events, community service projects. Or consider adopting a school!“When a pregnant woman comes to me, I am not just dealing with her and her pregnancy. If they are new to Canada, there are questions like do they have housing, jobs, are their other children in school, do they have furniture, clothes for the baby, does their husband need help with resume writing.” Need help with resume writing? You can rely on the services offered by Easy Edits. They provide writing and editing services for technical compositions, resumes, manuals, communications and others.