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Network Security Resume Objective:

Collected and monitored network defense metric per the MNAP
Configured production and test firewalls as requested by deployed units
Monitored and adjusted as necessary NCC(-D) and NOSC-D execution of active network defense countermeasures; in accordance with ROE, IW Flight plans, and command authority guidance
Monitored and adjusted as necessary, NCC(-D) and NOSC-D implementation of passive network defense security measures; in accordance with ORM priorities, IW Flight Plans, and command authority guidance
Coordinated and correlated infrastructure and Information Flow data with Enterprise Controllers to identify exceeded thresholds, which may indicate hostile activity.
Made COA recommendations based on alerts, reports, intelligence, and collected metrics
Operated the router-point-defense Intrusion Detection System for the data network.(ASIMS Director, Net Ranger Director, and via Firewall VPNs)
Executed ORM risk identification and assessment tools. (ISS and OLS)
Made DNS changes for local and deployed units
Acted as the point of contact for management of all security tools licensing in the AOR.
Validated NCC(-D) implementation of security policy and directives
Disseminated time sensitive and out of MNAP-cycle policy and directives to include INFOCON changes
Generated required network defense reports.

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Network Security Engineer Resume Sample

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