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Okay – on to my answer: Historical convention say you should have an Objective on your resume. Unfortunately, that “it’s the way we have always done it!” argument is not valid.

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Not all jobs require good writing skills. Some don’t require the writing skills at all. For some jobs (many of them technical in nature), employers are not interested in reading cover letters when considering candidates – they jump straight to the resume. In these cases, it may be a good idea to put an Objective on your resume.

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Almost every time I work with people on their resumes, this question comes up:  Should I include an objective on my resume?

One survey indicates that about 40 percent of employers want to see an objective on resumes. That 40 percent figure is a pretty convincing argument in favor of using an objective. If 40 percent of employers would be annoyed not to see an objective on your resume, using one may be the safest choice.