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Hiring professionals tell us that Objective Statements on resumes are more likely to talk the candidate’s way out of, rather than land, the interview. Why? If there are only a few seconds of viewing time, do you really want the reviewer to know your career aspirations or your background?

Should you put a job objective statement on a resume for an IT or other technical job

Since the purpose of the statement is to explain why a resume is being sent to the reader, it should be easy to understand why it belongs in the . There is really no good reason for including an objective statement on a resume, it's a waste of precious space.

resume objective great resume objective statements strong resume

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Today we have a treat – my JibberJobber Partner (career coach and resume writer) answers some questions I have about the objective statement on a resume. You may have one of these on YOUR resume… if so, you’ll definitely want to read this. If you don’t, read it and you’ll have peace of mind about why you don’t have it. ( // )