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Although optional, objective statements show employers the position and industry you are targeting. You can include skills relevant to the position. Focus on the skills you offer, not what you hope to gain from the position. Some recruiters prefer to see objectives on a resume but others do not. Avoid using an objective that does not clearly define your focus. Remember: Using an objective is optional.

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I agree with the above about putting career objectives on a resume. I would add that if you are an older worker, you have to be more conscious of further branding yourself as old-fashioned, possibly obsolete and not hirable.

Writing a Career Objective on a Resume

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The two sections that you don’t really need on a bartending resume are the Objective and Reference portions. Including one’s objectives on a resume has become rather out-dated, and any objective you list when applying for a bartending position comes off as flat and insincere. You can include references—especially if you lack experience—but in reality a bar manager will rarely call them.