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A Payroll Manager handles the financial matters of an organization. The main task of this profile is to ensure accurate wages and salaries to employees. Payroll Managers works in small and large business firm, retail stores, schools and hospitals. They make appropriate deductions from the gross amount of the payment to satisfy benefit funds, local and regional regulations, and banishment requests.

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Since all organizations with a payroll need a payroll manager, opportunities to start a career as a payroll manager are abundant. Especially in larger corporations and in government, multiple payroll managers may be hired to oversee payroll processing for a single organization. is one of the largest payroll processing and outsourcing organizations in the world; its full service human resources offerings are well known to businesses of all sizes. To provide its outsourcing services, ADP frequently hires payroll managers to work at its locations across the US. is another of the largest payroll processing services in the US, with over one hundred office locations. Paychex looks for payroll managers and related payroll management hires on a regular basis. The federal government hires payroll managers for its many departments, which for the most part handle payroll for employees separately. The is by far the largest single government entity and the largest employer in the US; applicants do not necessarily need to be active service members to work in payroll processing for the department.

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