International Procurement Manager Resume Sample

The candidate Michael Fisher has done MBA and CFA. With remarkable qualifications and 15years + experience in finance field, Michael seeks the position of senior management executive by way of this director expense management procurement resume. The candidate begins the resume with a short statement that point out his career goals and key skills. The key strengths have been marked out separately to ensure it gets due attention from the recruiter. There is a small box to the left that highlights a few quotes from the colleagues of the candidate who praise the candidate for his efficiency levels. Hence the first page of the resume does a successful job of putting forth an impressive image of the candidate. Professional experiences highlight the key responsibilities handled by the candidate in his previous organizations. It gives an account of the candidate's role in the organization. Education and certifications, at the end of the resume, ensure the resume ends on a high note.

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Procurement resume

• Perform procurement of research items, chemicals, sample blood testing, animal parts and orders to support manufacturing such as spare parts, small capital items, promotional items, marketing supply orders and any other business, commercial or industrial items that need to be acquired through purchasing