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The professional resume format or professional vitae is a very complex document and lengthy in pages. The average number of pages is three due to the wide range of essential information it contains. For other resume types, the maximum number of pages is two, but the preferred is one. The professional resume format usually takes longer to prepare than the other resume styles because it’s more involved. This resume also takes longer to read because it displays intricate details that the reader must carefully scrutinize. Because of its complex nature, reviewing these type resumes can be a daunting task for many recruiters.

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The most common resume styles used today by job seekers would be the chronological, the functional, and the combination. And out of the three, the chronological is most widely used. However, the professional resume format, also called professional vitae, is not very popular with the average job seeker, because elite professionals only use it. In fact, some job seekers are not familiar with this resume style. Now, the “professional looking” resume is not to be confused with the professional resume format. Yes, a resume should always look professional in appearance. But the professional resume style is specifically designed for professionals in law, medicine, science and some education positions. Actually, the professional resume is a miniature version of the academic curriculum vitae resume format. The academic curriculum vitae resume format includes a detailed biographical statement that is generally three to ten pages in length.