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The Professional Resume includes a 1-hour phone consultation with a career counselor coupled with our self-paced career assessment packet. We'll create a 1-2 page resume emphasizing the depth of your work history as well as the clearly defined impact you've had on your past employers, partners, clients, and colleagues.

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Following resume templates are created to help candidates in writing professional looking resumes for serious nature jobs. These resume templates are ideal to apply for jobs like management positions, accounting or banking designations, consultant or agent vacancies, engineer or it job etc.

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Last but not the least, don't forget to include a professional resume cover letter with your resume. Cover letter is very important for your job interview. It provides you the first impression and what to expect from your resume. A professionally written cover letter can increase your chances many fold to get that interview call. A cover letter has proven to increase the chances of getting an interview, as the interviewer gets a preview of sorts about your personality. So write a good one. You can see some samples of them here as well.

There are many sites that offer you ready-made and yet customized resume writing services, but it is not that necessary. If you study about the company and the particular job profile well, you do not have to depend on such services. You can write out your own resume just like the professional resume writers do. Even the examples given on our website are easy to understand and follow. They will prove to be useful while writing your own resume.On the left hand side, you will see two sections. First section is created for learners. Here we have many articles on how to make a good resume with examples. Also provides the information about professional resume writers and services. Choosing a professional resume service or a writer is very important. We have provides tips on how to do that.This section is created for job professionals to provide information on how to write a professional resume. We have also provided many free samples of the professionally written resumes. These resumes can be used to create a good looking and very professional resumes.We have tried our best to provide some best professional looking resumes. If you are looking for something which is not present, either search for the site or just write to us. We can even make professional resumes examples for you. Just mention a few important details that you would like in the resume and leave everything to us. We will deliver a resume exactly according to your requirement.