3 Tips for Writing an Effective Project Management Resume

There are many more questions you can ask yourself to gather the critical information you need to write a successful resume; these are just a few to get the ball rolling and your creative juices flowing. Remember, when writing your resume, a project management resume—just like any other resume—needs to be solutions-focused, brand-driven, and full of accomplishments. It’s important to ask questions that provide context and framework for your contributions to the organizations you’ve worked for.

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Are you a project manager? Or perhaps you’re trying to obtain a position in project management? Well, great news! I have some practical advice and specific tips that you can start with right now to increase your resume’s effectiveness. Whether you are a business analyst, IT project manager, PMO, Senior Analyst, or Project Director, the information I’m going to share will help you write a better project management resume.

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There are three important factors to remember when writing your project management resume (as with almost any resume); be action-driven, use the most relevant keywords, and quantify or show what you’ve contributed (whenever possible).