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Resume World provides these New and Recent Graduate Resume Samples as an illustration of our resume writing expertise. However, to best market your experience, skills and accomplishments to achieve optimal interview results, your resume and letter(s) must be written around your profession and/or your targeted job competency requirements. By taking this resume writing approach, you are not only selling your unique qualifications, accomplishments and personality traits to employers, but you are also showcasing the benefits you can bring to prospective employers.

This recent business graduate resume applies to a full-time position in finance.

As a recent graduate it's common to find someone with no greater experience, you can focus on your education and skills to impress a potential employer, see this recent graduate resume example.

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3. Recent Graduate resume:

There are various categories of students, and so are the types of CVs. These include college student resume, resume for high school student, vocational student Cv, entry level student CV, recent graduate resume, etc. Usually, a CV emphasizes on student's educational background and academic achievements. Therefore, they must have an impressive record to put forth in the resume. Students can also check out our collection of different student resume examples, for a clear idea and relevance to information discussed here.