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Others argue that a lack of references on a resume loses time, and in turn can lose a job. When an interviewer wants reference information, he or she wants it NOW. If references aren’t included, time is wasted for a phone call to ask for them. Another phone call is then needed by the applicant to notify the potential references, or check their contact information, or whatever. And by the time the applicant gets back to the interviewer with the reference information, the other applicant [who included the references in the first place] has been hired.

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Keep your references posted on your activities and progress. Tell your references the names of persons and organizations to whom you’ve given their names. When possible, give them a copy of the job description for the positions for which you are applying. This helps your references be prepared to be contacted.

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In a job search, the references on a resume can make or break whether you get the job

There is no need to include the phrase: "References Available Upon Request," on one's resume; this is understood. Furthermore, including your personal references on a resume is not a good idea; you do not want to risk employers calling your references before you have had a chance to talk to the employer first.