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Please note: Many job applications are scanned by computer for matches with keywords. Therefore you should use the same terminology as job criteria in order to pass this screening. Consider this example: A job requiring supervisory experience naturally requires your work history, education/training and skills to show this supervisory experience. In a job not requiring this skill, but requiring critical care experience, you naturally emphasize the critical care skills, not the supervisory skills. To apply to both these positions, you need to revise your registered nurse resume to target the job criteria.

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This registered nurse resume is a fine example of drafting a one-page resume. Follow this resume template to identify the ways of restricting vast information into few lines, in the resume. The header of the resume consists of the name and contact details of the job seeker. In this resume, Sara Applebaum is the jobseeker, searching for RN jobs. This resume has a small introduction of the career interests and aim of the candidate. Thereafter, the resume presents the experience details of the candidate. It showcases the several responsibilities handled and duties performed working for that organization. Additional experiences denote the irrelevant yet crucial work performed by the candidate. This resume succeeds in making a lasting impression as the qualifications are listed at the end and strengthen the application for job. Job seekers may add few more sections of career objective, key skills, personal details, references, etc. Remember to tweak this format before using it for your resume.

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A registered nurse resume can be a complex thing, and that’s not what you really need in a job application. Because RNs are often widely experienced, the resume can become like a book if you’re not careful.