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A research assistant resume sample will give you many ideas as to how to lay out your resume and what information should be included within it. Your resume has to be the best of those submitted for the position for which you are applying if you want to get selected for a chance to interview. If your resume’s format does not highlight the skills that they are looking for and fails to draw their attention to relevant experience then you will likely be overlooked. The process of reviewing the resumes by the recruiter is often very quick, most resumes will just be glanced at for less than 30 seconds before a decision is made, so if your resume is not up to the job you will quickly lose out even if you have everything that the job requires.

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A sample will not be difficult to find with a quick search on the internet; in fact you will probably turn up dozens of them. Many will look quite similar while others will be very different, so which is the best? You have to remember that the purpose of your resume is to get an interview for a specific position, so your resume has to bring the readers eyes to those points of your resume that are important and relevant to the position. Each research assistant resume sample that you look at will different as they are trying to highlight different skills and experiences, the important thing is to look at each example and to see how it draws the eye to those important facts.

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