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With a variety of online resources to help you write a decent resume, you may find yourself asking why you should use resume writing software. The best resume builders do so much more than simply help you organize your resume. These programs have advanced capabilities that offer expert advice, career-building tools and innovative networking opportunities. Aside from these advanced features, resume makers, at the very least, help you build an organized, professional-looking resume that makes you stand out to employers and hiring managers.

This application is a resume builder program with over 25,000 resume templates

Never worry about starting from scratch to generate a resume. Whether you're on a phone or tablet, Resume Builder Pro makes it easy to update your resume to reflect your most current information. Our professionals have determined the most appealing categories that are attractive to potential employers.Resume Builder Pro categories include:
- Contact Information
- Objective
- Experience
- Education
- Skills
- ReferencesYour resume builder information will be backed up automatically and restored if you ever get a new device or have to re-install the app.Don't waste your time with resume builder apps that only provide you with a PDF resume. You get stuck with their template and can't make any changes at all. With Resume Builder Pro, your DOCX file can be modified as much as you like with a free app, such as Kingsoft Office. You'll find that other resume builder apps also try to make you pay to unlock sections of a resume. What you see here is what you get - you will be able to send yourself a copy of a resume DOCX file within minutes.Resume Builder Pro also contains three sample resumes you can view for your reference. These samples are representative of the work that can be completed by our professional resume editors. As an in-app feature, the professional resume editing service will certainly assist in securing a position. These experts address common resume errors such as grammar, language, and formatting. Get your resume reviewed by one of these experts as they can be the difference maker when it comes to landing your desired job!

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The idea (resume builder) is very good. The executions (for the services I tried) is not that much.

I tried (I'm building a brand new resume builder, which will be very different from the existent ones) a lot of services like the ones you mentioned. There are dozens and dozens of resume builder services on the web. I noticed a common thing, in all services I tried. I want to be honest: the output sucks in 99% of those resume builders and there is a lack of useful informations for the recruiters. In the 1% which output does not suck, I can not say "It rocks!".