You can resume any download using the command provided:

Safari *does* have the ability to resume downloads: it works just as show in crm-114's post above. However, resuming the download must be supported by the server - and not every server does.

Restarted my computer and tried ro resume the download I was in the middle of.....

Moving on, if a user is downloading files using and firefox crashes, or they install a firefox update which requires a restart, then in both circumstances, a user would have to manually open the manager window before there active downloads are resumed. It would be expected by most users, that would automatically resume downloads in such circumstances. Providing a checkbox enabling this behaviour would no longer give users any reason to complain about such a thing.

The command to resume the download is:

Does Chrome's Download Manager resume downloads if the connection is lost or closed?

If the server doesn't support resuming downloads, you will get an error message and it will fail to download. In this case you have no choice but to restart the download.

NOTE: When using Use RPC to get NPL when possible option a byte offset is estimated since only a time offset is available from RPC. The estimate is based on (time offset)*size/duration. The estimate is better than having no number at all and hence not allowing "Resume Downloads" to be used when RPC is enabled for obtaining My Shows. However, since the byte offset is an estimate, it will not match exactly the pause point you have set on the TiVo, so you may want to turn this option off if using Resume Downloads function.I have this same problem... I was trying to download xCode 3.2.6 on my OSX 10.5.8 and i could not resume the download after quiting Safari... Any sugestions?? Please help.....