The following is a sample resume template for Cosmetologist

Building an entry level resume for cosmetologist position is much more demanding as compared to building one at mid-level career. Entry level job seekers do not have any experience to mention, so they have to make the most of their transferable skills. These must be determined carefully after reading the job advertisement. Considering the candidates are novices, having no relevant experience, resume experts suggest that resumes of beginners must start with a career objective rather than a profile or summary.

Cosmetology Student Resume, Resume for Cosmetologist Student

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How to Write a Resume for a Cosmetology Instructor Job

Cosmetologist Resume, Resume for Cosmetologist

The following is a sample resume template for cosmetologist. Feel free to copy/past and edit according to your needs.
Relevant job titles for this resume are: Licensed Cosmetologist, Master Cosmetologist, Nail Technician/Cosmetologist, Esthetician/cosmetologist and Cosmetologist/Barber.