Sample Resumes for Graduate School Admissions

Department speakers gave details about fellowships and assistantships, the application process, entrepreneurship for engineers and building your resume for grad school. Other activities ranged from lab tours to bowling in the Illini Union.

Resume Objectives for Graduate School.

Then, late in my sophomore year, I won the audition to be music director of the Bach Society Orchestra, and that's when my professional ambitions really started to shift. Conducting BachSoc quickly became like a full time job - it was my most important commitment (admittedly, even more so than my classes), both by choice and by necessity. I loved being a conductor, helping to run an orchestra, and all the responsibilities therein. I soon realized that conducting was my calling. (As Prof. Tom Kelly told me, "We don't choose music - it chooses us.") At that point, I officially switched to a joint concentration in Music and Government, both so that I would have greater flexibility to take more music classes, but also to strengthen my resume for grad school applications, since I knew some would question why I did not attend a conservatory for undergrad.

I'm preparing resumes for grad school

The problem with this is that I intended to flaunt my new certification on my resume for grad school. The application is due March 1st.

I am an undergrad preparing my resume for grad school application. During my undergrad I have done many projects, including a few real research projects and also those for courses as final projects, that were just about designing something rather routine (a simple robot for example), or a compilation of other research works. Most of these class projects have had a report (a writing).