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As an alternative to using their 'piece by piece' resume forms, career websites generally allow you to enter your resume in text format. This is where you'll find it handy to have such a format at hand.

Platform Statement and Resume forms. Files are in Microsoft Word format.

If you find you are having trouble taking the information from resume forms and condensing it into a well-designed final draft, you can turn to a professional resume writer. Simply provide them with the resume forms you have used and explain what you would like to have written. They will be able to take your information, ask questions, or even provide you with new forms to reorganize your information and create the resume you want. If they have their own set of preferred resume forms, you will be able to reference the ones you have already completed to provide them with the most detailed descriptions of your employment skills.

Blank Resume Forms - Free Printable Resume Templates

The outline of the resume forms the type of the resume you select, which depends on your professional situation. For example:

Today employers are faced with huge amounts of money and labor costs collecting, sorting and filing hard copies of resumes. To save money, many hiring organizations use electronic methods to review resumes. These electronic methods include accepting e-mail resumes, scanning of resumes, having applicants complete online resume forms, or accessing resumes on Internet home pages. This handout will provide you with instructions on how to prepare your electronic resume.

Resume form / resume template shows you how to find and use fantastic free resume templates and forms freely available on Google docs.

The video explains how by trying in "Google docs" + "resume" Google will return search results containing resume forms and templates to be found in Google docs.

The video then shows how to edit a resume form / resume template having found one, and how you can download your edited resume form in various document formats such as pdf, Microsoft Word, txt ect.

Finally the video shows a resume form / resume template that had been edited earlier, describing two great tips for creating resumes that will win job interview invitations.

The link in the description box goes to our blog where you can also download our free 37 page guide "Resume For Interview Success" which goes into detail on creating interview winning resumes. A resume is a professional document that highlights a person's work history and skills for the purpose of obtaining employment. There are a variety of resume formats that can be used, and typically a cover letter accompanies one. Resume forms however can help organize information that you or a professional resume writer will use to create a professional resume.