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The title of a resume identifies the job title or the job posting which you are targeting. You may also combine additional 2-3 keywords with the resume job title.
Because this title is the first resume headline that employers read, it has its significant value as an .

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Still not sure? Here are a few examples of improved resume headlines that may help you get a better idea on how to fine tune your own!

When you’re done crafting the perfect resume headline, go back and look over the body of our resume. Does it match the career objective you’ve set forth? Does it highlight the right skills and qualifications? Honing your resume headline can actually help you to hone your entire resume as well!

The resume headlines are several expressive statements that briefly and creatively highlight key skills and accomplishments throughout a person’s career – These few statements must capture the reader’s attention.The headline is where you emphasize your unique selling point. It’s your opportunity to stand out amidst a sea of other people who, just like you, have likely gone to school, had previous jobs, and know how to use Microsoft Office and the MLS. Think about why you would hire you. Are you a successful real estate veteran with a proven lead generation strategy? Are you a newly licensed agent whose previous experience in an administrative role at a real estate office gives you a distinct advantage? Are you a people-person who is comfortable making friends in a room full of strangers? Do you have past success in marketing or sales positions that translates well to real estate? These are selling points that set you apart, and that’s what the headline of your real estate resume should focus on. There are a number of of resume headlines to help you get started.The resume headline plays an important role in getting a call back. When they search for your profile on job sites like naukri, they get to see thousands of candidates with similar skills, your headline is what distinguishes you from the rest.At the same time, don’t oversell your past experiences and current IT skills. While obviously you want to tour your skills, be honest and accurate about your abilities and your track record. Nash says that EY recruiters are searching for the right skills and experience—not creative resume headlines.