How to present language skills in your resume

Agreed, wtd. Getting a couple of langauges under your belt, especially if they’re different, really makes the your learning experiences better (not easier though, that’s for sure). You can skip the part about trying to grasp how the pieces of logic fit in and instead focus on the respected programming language’s features and quirks, and what makes that language useful.

Resume Language Skills - German Language Guide

The more simple way of presenting resume language skills is to use classical four level classification. The four levels are beginner, intermediate, advance and fluent. However, the disadvantage of such a classification is that the individual levels are not described anywhere, and therefor by advance level of German, various people can imagine various knowledge. Honestly, this way of classification is preferred mostly by people that do not speak foreign language very well, but feel like advanced will look good on their resume.

Resume Language Skills - English Business

We could probably pull some sort of bell curve out of our butts that represents languages learned and time invested and be reasonably correct.

One of the most effective ways to demonstrate one's ability to speak Russian fluently is to do so through writing a resume in the country's native language. Resume language skills are vital regardless of the language the document is being written in.