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If you're an introvert and feel that singing your own praises doesn't come naturally, practice writing sample resume letters selling yourself. The goal should be to find the words that will convince the person reading it that you are the best person for the job. It will better equip you to communicate your experience and ambitions.

Resume cover letter is an important part of a professional communication

armsjob seekers with an arsenal of highly effective professional coverletter models that, with minor modification, can be rapidlydeployed as needed. You'll find a full chapter, complete withnumerous models, dedicated to each of five different types of coverletters: employer broadcast letters, search firm broadcast letters,advertising response letters, networking cover letters, and resumeletters.

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Sample Resume Cover Letter #8:

Typically used in a targeted mailing campaign, a resume letter attracts notice because it reads more like a story than a document. A resume letter may spill over into another business document category, such as a job ad reply letter, when a formal resume doesn’t present the candidate in the best light.

If you have not been requesting letters of recommendation from your past employers you really should start. Sometimes a letter of recommendation can add that little extra appeal when applying for a new job. Especially if the letter of recommendation provides a good review on the qualifications that the new employer is looking for. Of course, a letter of recommendation talking up your good character is an asset, too. There are two ways to present a letter of recommendation to a prospective employer: one way is to state at the bottom of your resume that your letters of recommendation and references are available upon request. In this scenario, you would take your letter of recommendation and reference sheet (contained in a professional portfolio, folder or brief case) to the interview, and then present it during the interview (only if it is requested). The second way to present a letter of recommendation, and most commonly used, is to enclose it along with your resume during initial mailing. Please, send no more than two letters of recommendation. It is better not to overwhelm a potential employer with a lot of information to read (and of course, always send a copy of your letters, not the originals). A good word from your past employer can give you the added advantage you need, especially when your skills and the companies needs are the same.A resume letter works particularly well when a resume is riddled with hard-to-explain job gaps and other problems (such as demotions and layoffs, career changes, and overqualified workers).