Here are the main ‘sections’ that should make up a resume objective;

Here is a sample job description for Foreman Technician Job
Foreman Technician Job Description:
The job of foreman technician is mechanical since it involves lots of works such cutting of metals, welding and repairing of machines. In order to become a foreman technician, one has to go for diploma engineering course. The duration of such course is of three years. After successful completion of this course, one can be deputed as foreman technician in any company. Foreman technician is responsible person of mechanical engineering department. His minor mistake can cause great wreckage to mechanical work. Thus, the role of foreman technician is of great responsibility and he has to work very hard. This foreman technician also looks after the mechanical work of the unskilled laborers. He gives them useful tips on how to carry out mechanical work with safety. In this way, these unskilled laborers get to learn lots of things from this technician. The senior most post which this technician can get is the post of junior engineer. But, in order to reach this post, one has gain lots of knowledge and experience about mechanical engineering.
For a job description like above, you will need to write a resume objective as below:
Foreman Technician Resume Objective:
Being a foreman technician, you objective should be to discharge your mechanical work with accuracy and precision so that your company is regarded as one of the most flourishing companies of your country. You will carry out all the mechanical work with full safety so that no harm is caused to people depending on you. Apart from this, there will be lots of unskilled mechanics working under you. You will adopt a good attitude towards them. If they do not understand at a time, then you will not rebuke or scold them. You will make them understand as many times as they like. Being a responsible, you should be polite, kind and submissive to them. You also need to look after their welfare. If there is anything wrong with them, then you will try to rid them of such problems. More often than not, they are exploited by the educated class or higher authorities. But, you will try to save them from such exploitation. There are many rules and regulations made by government for their welfare. But, being ignorant, they remain unaware of these things. Your objective should be to make them familiar with such rules and regulation so that they can fight for their rights.

Here is an example of the resume objective Mirror Method using Aflac’s mission statement.

Here is a sample job description for Yoga Trainer Job
Yoga Trainer Job Description:
The role of yoga trainer is of great importance to the people. To become a certified yoga trainer is not an easy task. It is not like becoming a monk or saint. In order to become a yoga trainer, one has to attain good education. There are many prestigious institutions in the country that impart yoga training to the students so that they can become a certified yoga trainer. Yoga trainer can set up his own school of yoga for teaching yoga to the enthusiastic people or he or she can join any yoga retreat for teaching yoga. The teaching of yoga is not so easy. Apart from imparting spiritual discourse to the students, one has to teach the difficult postures of yoga. Students can easily understand the spiritual discourse but doing difficult postures of yoga is very hard for them. For this, students do need guidance at every step. More often than not, novices often end up losing on their side. Thus, such type of practitioners requires lots of attention and guidance. Thus, the role of yoga trainer is full of great responsibilities.
For a job description like above, you will need to write a resume objective as below:
Yoga Trainer Resume Objective:
Being a good yoga trainer, your objective should be to serve the mankind with your best abilities. Nowadays, there are many physical and mental illnesses, which are incurable by medical science, but yoga is the best solution for such illnesses. It is such a practice that even a poor person too can perform it with some effort. As a yoga trainer, you will get to face lots of students including brilliant and dunce. It will be easier for you to deal with the brilliant students since they will follow you quickly. But, as far as dunces are concerned, you need to work very hard under immense pressure. They will need your guidance and attention more in comparison to the brilliant students. You objective should be to help them without any frowns on your forehead. All the students will be equal to you and you need to be absolutely impartial to all of them. While giving your religious and spiritual discourse, you should be very clear in your thoughts. Your language should be simple, straightforward and comprehensible so that even a common person can understand you very well. Do not rebuke or abuse them since you are spiritual teacher and such teacher has to be very polite and gentle to the students.

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