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You’ve found the perfect flexible job on the website. You’ve purchased your subscription. You are ready to start sending off your . This process is streamlined through your use of your FlexJobs account. Gone are the days of checking for ; the Job Researchers at FlexJobs have painstakingly selected positions, checking for scams before posting them onto the database. Before you are ready to apply for any positions on FlexJobs, we suggest creating at least one professional resume profile.

Is there any way to leave out dates of my college attendance in my resume profile?

Take advantage of multiple resume profiles. With FlexJobs, you have the ability to . Therefore, there’s no need to try to build one resume profile or write one profile title that fits everything you want to apply for. Break your job search up into different types of jobs for which you are applying, and then create a new resume profile for each. It may take a little extra time upfront, but having a more tailored, focused resume profile title and overall profile will make you stand out as a job seeker.

Resume Profiles That Make a Great Impression

Hi there, I have to many resume profiles on FlexJobs, and only want to work with one. How do I delete the others?

Below are step by step instructions on how to manage your resume profile, which include checking your application status, editing your resume and how to set up a job search agent to inform you about new jobs that match your interest.