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How to Format Your Resume Reference Page

Perhaps you are wondering why you should use such structure. Think in terms of parallel construction of your documents. The way you wrote your resume should be continued on your resume reference page for purposes of continuity of structure. The complete sentence is not "incorrect" but is simply not the best way to handle it, considering the other document you've submitted.

Now, let's consider an alternative resume reference sample page presentation...

References add the most value to your resume when they hold a similar title to the job you’re applying for – they can tell a recruiter . If one of your resume references is in a comparable field or holds similar responsibilities to your desired job, list him or her at the top of your resume. He or she might offer a lot of insight into your readiness for the new job.

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I am checking your resume references, just not what, or where you think I am

Be sure to respect your references’ privacy. “Ask each reference if there’s any information they do not want listed -- this will help protect your contact’s private information,” Nolan says.

A resume reference is some one who can verify your credentials and all or part of the information you have written in your resume. References are usually contacted in the last stages of the job selection procedure. Probably after the candidate has attended the first interview.An employee's good conduct and work ethic secures the opportunity of a positive reference from an ex-boss. This in turn holds the employee in high regard and enhances his/her image as a desirable employee. Therefore, solid references are a must have in the resume or reference-able later on in the hiring process. New graduates without professional references should be sure to make available academic or community references.