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In 2010, a study showed that more than 70% of recruiters have eliminated an applicant based on web search results. It is essential to control the information about yourself on the web as much as possible. An online resume can help tremendously. Here are 10 tips to help you increase the visibility of your resume in search engine results.

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eGrabber has selected popular resume search engines developed by expert sourcers and integrated them directly within ResumeGrabber SF. To source from any of these search engines, type in the resume keywords and select the search engine you want to execute. View results. It is that simple! Compare results from different resume search engines. You don't have to memorize long and complicated scripts anymore!

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JobDiva's resume search engine patent-pending technology has the capability of producing a short list of the best-suited candidates for the job requirement. The short list of resumes has a high precision ratio. That is, most of the retrieved resumes, if not all, have the required skills at the required duration of experience. The short list of resumes has also a high recall ratio. That is, most of the resumes, which are a match to the requirement by skill and duration of experience, are located by the search.