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Misty, I know exactly how you feel. I have a similar background and concern. The process is a black box and you'll never know how your resume scored. I tried going to a career fair to get advice on the application. There were no people there to help with that unfortunately on the day I attended. The managers said to put everything that you have done that is relevant or can be construed as relevant to the requisition into the application. Get the buzzwords, obviously, but also don't over look the competencies. The Competencies are how does performance management I think, so the managers, I guess, are used to seeing accomplishments organized into those competencies. It probably doesn't hurt to accommodate in some , and that might help getting through the screening algorithms too. I get the impression that you need more than what is usually on your one page resume sheet to get to the top of the computer screened list and get the interview. The computer algorithm probably scores relevance of application content against the requisition and I can't imagine that it puts much weight on brevity, so elaborate and itemize. If a human ever does finally read the application, I figure it's still a ugly text resume scrolling on the screen and maybe it doesn't matter if you put lots of information in there so long as it's organized. I don't think finding an HR person will help get you through the screening process better/faster. The process is designed to be extremely "fair" so as to be rigid, from what I can tell. But an HR person can probably provide insight as to what to put into the application.
Those are my thoughts, for what they are worth. I haven't actually made it to an interview, uh, yet. I'm constantly searching and researching for ideas to improve the application. I wish others would share ideas, but maybe that's too much to hope for in this very competitive job market right now. good luck.

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Other programs in Human Services, a variety of Masters degree programs, and various workshops/conferences meet a portion of the certification requirements. It is up to the applicant to look at a syllabus and course description for all courses taken and look at MCB’s required competency areas list to determine which competencies were covered in your coursework. Each course will need to be documented separately on MCB education and training resume sheets and submitted when you apply for certification. When you document courses taken, indicate for each course the competencies covered.

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You don't. The essay is not an opportunity for you to list your awards, activities, offices, team involvement, etc. Those will appear elsewhere in your application. If, however, there is no place on the application for them, fill out a career resume sheet (which we'll provide) and send it in with your application. Be aware that this list does not replace the essay.