Hiring Managers Expose Top 17 WORST Resume Terms

The software that allows scanners to read your paper resume and turn it into an electronic resume is able to do just that. , one of the most widely used applicant tracking systems, reads the grammar of noun, verb, and adjective combinations and extracts the information for placement on the form that will become your entry in a resume database. Its expert system extraction engine uses a knowledge base of more than 120,000 rules and over ten million resume terms. It even knows the difference between Harvard Graphics (a computer software program) and Harvard (the university) by its placement on the page and its relationship to the header that precedes it (Computer Skills or Education). Aren't computers amazing?

These phrases come from the new CareerBuilder survey on the best and worst resume terms

"I'm a real go-getter who always thinks outside the box, demonstrates thought leadership and proactively motivates myself!" If this sentence made you cringe, you're not alone. These phrases come from the new on the best and worst resume terms.

The question: What resume terms are the biggest turnoffs

The Worst Resume Terms

In resume terms, the typical resume looks like a job description list: I worked at the following places for these periods of time, my job titles were this and that, and my duties and responsibilities were a little of this and a little of that.

We work with job seekers every day to build their resumes from the ground up—without the use of overused resume terms and generic resume templates that cause them to blend in with the herd of other candidates. Instead, we create powerful, brand-driven resumes that rapidly deliver increased resume response rates. Interested? You can find out more here: ALEX (Automated Linguistic EXpert), HireAbility’s CV / Resume and Job Order parser employs several AI strategies including natural language processing techniques and pattern recognition in order to parse relevant information from resumes written in a free-text format. ALEX is a grammar-based parser using proprietary algorithms to understand and properly tag meaningful data in even the most unconventional and complicated resumes. As a grammar-based parser ALEX assigns meaning to terms (words and sentences) based upon the context in which they appear. ALEX’s ability to identify properly the context of resume terms significantly improves the accuracy of output data compared to conventional ‘key-word’-based and statistical parsers. Compare the difference and take our .