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Professional and volunteeractivities: Domitrovic relishes communicating science to the generalpublic, particularly engaging underserved children in her homeland. Sheparticipated in interactive public science exhibitions sponsored by theBiochemistry Institute at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. When shereturns to Brazil next year, Domitrovic plans to resume volunteer work with anorganization that sponsors special summer science courses for poor high schoolstudents, supervising young talented trainees coming from the country’s publiceducational system.

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Someone reminded her of how Franciscan Outreach helped before, and she returned. She was able to save up some money and get some help finding a place to live. She can’t work — she gets disability payments from Social Security — but she plans to resume volunteer work as soon as she can. She also plans to keep in touch with Bell and others at Franciscan Outreach, to help her keep setting goals and taking the steps she needs to meet them.

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When the United States entered World War I (191418) in April 1917, Eleanor was able to resume volunteer work. She helped operate a Red Cross canteen and tended to navy wounded. She also helped organize the Navy Red Cross. As the war came to an end in November 1918, Eleanor's personal life seemingly fell apart. She discovered Franklin had fallen in love with her own young and beautiful personal secretary, Lucy Mercer. Franklin promised never to see Lucy again, but Eleanor's self-pride and confidence suffered. Out of her marital crisis Eleanor launched a more determined career in social reform and political activism.