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CV Globe provides a large number of resume examples for jobs in different fields, suitable for all needs and requirements, from fresh graduates looking to land their first job to professionals with years of experience, who struggle to put everything they know on paper in the best format. Of course, simply downloading a sample is not enough; you have to personalize it and adjust it to your specific set of skills and work experience, and, if you get stuck, you can always check the resume writing samples provided, to get fresh ideas and a new perspective.

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Use our resume templates and take advantage of our resume writing tips and examples to create a winning resume. We offer a variety' of resume templates to choose from so you can pick the best option that suits your needs. We also offer resume writing samples and tips because we know sometimes it is easier to learn from example; and everyone can benefit from resume writing tips that will give them that "competitive edge"!

We will need to begin with your basic information which will include your contact information. Without your email address, telephone number, and residential address a potential employer won't be able to contact you if you are chosen for an interview. Additional information might also be needed by the potential employer so make certain your contact information is up to date and correct. If you are more easily reached by your cell phone be certain to include that number as well, you wouldn't want to miss an important call.

Next, you will need to gather all of your educational information and your certifications. Sometimes an employer will also will want a copy of your transcript so be sure to keep that handy as well. You will then type in all the information in the required fields, your school, the year you graduated, your major, and the degree you received. We leave plenty of room for you to include any certifications or continuing education you may have. If you don't have any relevant information in a particular field throughout the resume template you can certainly skip it, but we do recommend you filling out every field possible, so that none of the pertinent information is excluded.

The most important section of your resume will be your work experience. This section is where you will want to list your past employment history including your job position and duties, start and end dates, as well as a contact name and number for a reference. Make this section work toward your advantage by highlighting your special skills and recognitions in this job, what you accomplished and contributed while in this position, and what you believe you can bring to this new position that makes you the best candidate for the job.

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Below is a list of links to websites that can provide you with resume writing samples to help you write your own.

The last of the resume writing samples is in the . This is the traditional layout most job applicants have used in the past. The pros and cons of this type of resume are discussed in more detail in an article dedicated to this topic: .