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Resume writing services reviews singles Resume-Magic as one of the services that remains active in searching for the latest career information. It does this to be at par with the latest resume requirements that keep changing at short intervals. Resume-Magic gains from the professional memberships of its founder, Susan who uses the position to upgrade career knowledge base and network with many professionals in the industry.

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I had high expectations/hopes after reading some online reviews and watching testimonials on the website. I was initially encouraged by the whole job in 45 days or money back guarantee" so that made me go ahead and pay for a rewrite of my resume. My original resumè was two pages and very wordy. The revamp condensed it into 1 page. When you submit your resume for review there are multiple spots for questions/info you want to relay to the writer. I had some specific questions I needed answers to, but they were not answered. Strangely, one of those questions could have led to me purchasing another one of their offerings- resume by fax distribution. On the website it said to inquire about the price -was not listed- so I inquired and didn't get a response. The only question I recall the writer responding to- I didn't think it was professional response. I haven't gotten any positive (or different) feedback from hiring managers or recruiters on it either. I briefly considered just doing a glowing video testimonial so I could at least recoup $15 off the roughly $100 I spent on the resume but that wouldn't be ethical. One valuable tip I did learn from the barrage of emails that ensued when my rewritten email was sent to me was that it's important to send a hard copy of the resumè in addition to the digital submission.

I will keep sending the resume out and will update this once I get to about 50. So far I have applied for 26 jobs I am qualified for but haven't gotten a single response yet.

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Best resume writing services reviews disclose that Laura has achieved a high satisfaction rate and 85% of her business is generated from referrals by past clients. She also served as a recruiter and knows what recruiters and employers look for in resumes.