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One of the most frustrating, and often frightening times is when trying to format a first resume with absolutely no experience in the field. In fact, it is even more difficult for the young person who is just entering the job market without any experience at all, work or life related. There are ways around that, and a great resume can be crafted with just a bit of ingenuity and some time spent in introspection. But first, it is necessary to understand how a resume is formatted in order to address any uncertainties as they come up.

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Writing a resume with no work experience can be stressful. It’s easy to assume that you simply have nothing at all to write or offer and to talk yourself out of success before you’ve even begun. However, thinking outside of the box can help you create an outstanding resume that is every bit as competitive as the resumes produced by those with more formal work experience. It’s all in how you market yourself.

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Volunteering shows employers that you are adamant about bettering yourself and making an impact, while internships will help you acquire the skills needed. These strategies are essential for a resume with no work experience.