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Gutierrez’s design packs a lot of information in a well balanced presentation. The clean visual lines help guide your eyes throughout his resume. The logo and play of graphical elements displays his creativity and professionalism perfectly.

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Your resumé represents you in your absence. Errors and sloppy appearance reflect badly, while clean, clear, concise documents make a positive impression on potential employers and lead to an interview.

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A resumé is a written presentation of your educational background, job experience, and related talents and abilities. A cover letter is the letter that accompanies a resumé when you apply for a job.

You'll read about , and professional , resume , and ; and resume blasting -- all the resume help and tips you will need to design, write, post and distribute professional or professional-quality resumes and cover letters. All of this is designed for one purpose -- to help you develop a resume that will make you stand out from that crowd of other job seekers.There are some tricks to the "e" part. And you will read here about those tricks, including how to format your e-resume for electronic transfer, how to make the most of keywords, what should look like, and how to create your own . But most of the time you will just read about resumes without the "e" -- researching, designing, formatting, writing, and distributing them. You can always add the "e,"and you'll be correct.The growth of online resume services has brought a dramatic change in the way resumes are constructed. Electronic and software scanning have now become widely used methods of screening resumes, eliminating the need for humans to do the job in many cases. Resumes must now emphasize and industry-specific terms and acronyms. So no matter how you write your resume or for what job niche, chances are it will be e-scanned and e-distributed!Argh! It's time to write or (rewrite) your resume. What may feel like the world's most tedious task--puffing yourself up and bragging about your accomplishments on paper--doesn't have to be so painful. Just remember one thing: Your resume should stand out from the crowd. Employers, especially those who have posted openings on large Web sites, receive hundreds of resumes for a single position. You must show how qualified you are by describing your qualifications for the desiredjob in a concise, clear, and attention-getting manner.