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Considering that initially HR personnel only spend approximately 10-20 seconds on a resume, the shorter your resume, the most desirable it is. Aim for one page.

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The writer of the short sample resume in the pdf below wisely excludes the usual “Objective” section (needless for a graduate application) and focuses instead on his education. Note how he briefly discusses his thesis research and lists his key courses—information he hopes will be of special interest to the selection committee. With little meaningful work experience in the field, the writer simply summarizes his experience briefly and lists activities, some of which relate to his field of study. Standing alone, this resume will not help the student rise above other applicants, some of whom are bound to have paid work experience in the field. However, it will be helpful to the application, particularly when joined with the student’s corresponding personal statement.

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I write about a dozen or so resumes per week. None of them are ever under "two pages", which is probably going to confuse you, because I just told you that a resume is typically under two pages. See, the term "CV" has fallen out of favor outside of academia in the USA and the term resume is used in general for all lengths of work and study history. When we indicate a "long" resume, we typically use a term like "professional resume" rather than a "short resume".