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But to think that’s the end of the story would be akin to burying one’s head in the sand. The fact is, if you want to set yourself apart from the competition, a standard resume is no longer enough.


This is an example of one of our standard resumes. We have several professional looks even for non-enhanced resumes. As you can see, the layout of this style is highly organized and the line breaks make it easy to read.

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In the U.S., a CV also involves some information that might not be included on a standard resume: Your areas of research interest, your publications and presentations, your memberships in scholarly organizations, and any grants, honors and awards you've received. Unlike with resumes, CVs don't have to be limited to a single page - in fact, there's really no standard format for them. Your best bet for CV formatting is to ask other professionals in your field for samples of CVs they've used in the past, and adapt those examples to your own work.

Sometimes a standard resume just doesn't work because it can't tell the whole story - and that's where a portfolio comes in. A portfolio helps create a portable package of your personal skills and accomplishments - a package that isn't limited by the individual job titles you've held. It can enable you to sell your skills more effectively during an employer's initial screening process, and also supplement records of your "hard" (i.e., measurable) skills with examples of less quantifiable things such as your design prowess, your cultural influence or your material craftsmanship.In many countries other than the United States, a document equivalent to a U.S. standard resume is often called a "CV." Browse the CV and resume samples in the right sidebar as well as country-specific resume samples in Going Global ( > Resource Library) to view the differences and for more information. Meet with a Hiatt counselor if you have any questions.