Student resume format - Resume Format

The sample student resume format provided can be used as a guideline while drafting your resume. Most college students do not have much relevant work experience while they are applying for. Hence you can place emphasis on your internship experience, skills gained through college projects, research, programs, and achievements in academics and extracurricular activities.


A large number of students don't know how to write a resume for their job application as it is very much accepted that they do not have any experience of writing one. Many students apply for a job as a fresher, as they don't possess any work experience; whereas others may possess internship experience in a particular field. Students should keep one thing in mind that different job requires different job resumes; hence, they should know the technique behind writing a perfect resume, so as to create maximum impact at the time of recruitment. Below are some important tips that will help students writing better student resumes for their job application.

Electronics Student Resume Format

Sample Student Resume Format