How to Include Your Study Abroad Experience on Your Resume

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to include your study abroad experience on your resumé. Study abroad is a sign of intercultural competence that is appealing to potential employers and graduate schools alike in our increasingly interdependent society. When including study abroad in your resumé, think about the skills you gained and what you learned while abroad. Did you become proficient in a language? Did you gain research experience through conducting an independent study project? Have you become well versed in some aspect of your host country’s culture? Remember that you must make the connection to the actual skills you gained through the experiences you hadit won’t always be obvious to an employer.

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3. Take advantage of your college or university’s career center! If there is one thing I regret in my job search, it’s not asking for help sooner! Some schools offer re-entry workshops that can help you overcome reverse culture shock and point you in the right direction in terms of highlighting your study abroad experiences on your resume. Education Abroad offices work with the Career Center to host these workshops and if you haven’t reflected on your experience abroad yet, these kinds of workshops can be extremely helpful.

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