A technical project manager is responsible for following things:

As a technical project manager you would be expected to have hands on experience on cutting edge technology and therefore it is imperative that you know your theories well. Your technical project manager resume must reflect your abilities to blend your technical skills and effective managerial skills, thereby increasing productivity for the company.

A technical project manager resume would help you to create an impressive resume for given post.

Your technical project manager resume should be written by a professional resume writer who knows how to create a compelling and persuasive resume that will get you interviewed.

Technical Project Manager Sample Resume Template Example


Research shows that only one interview is granted for every 200 resumes submitted by the average employer. Keeping in mind the fact that your resume will be given a mere 10 to 20 seconds glance by the employer, it is important that you prepare your technical project manager resume in a manner effective to persuade your employer to give you that coveted interview appointment. By the time they have read the first few lines, you’ve either caught their interest or your resume would have failed.