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As a professional technical resume writer, my work is often somewhat longer – and more detailed – than my colleagues who specialize in sales, marketing, or other careers. There’s a good reason for that.

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Here is a perfect resume template if you are applying for a job in science and technology field. We have presented here a chief technical officer resume that will help all job seekers to draft a resume that matches with their prospective job profile consistently. The introduction of this resume consists of a career description, nature of the industries served, and the key work areas. This introduction is followed by a list of functional work areas the candidate is capable of handling. Career progression highlights the details of the works experience of the candidate and jots down a list of accomplishments garnered during the work period. Responsibilities are not stated separately but defined in relevance with the career achievements. Patents and publications denote the results of the efforts put in by the candidate at work. The last section classifies the qualifications of the candidate as education, memberships and computer skills.

sample technical resume : technology resume sample

Richardson & Publishing Company 01/1995-09/1995  Technical Resource Editor, Electronic Publishing

Pay attention to how the sample technical resume is formatted, what skills are highlighted and how the writer objectively describes and details work or project responsibilities and achievements. If the sample technical resume you use has been made by a writer you are in luck. If the sample technology resume you are using was written by a tech guy from a sweat shop you are looking for trouble and wasting your time and will certainly not get an interview.

With resumes, one size does not fit all. A technical resume is a very specialized resume that shows a potential employer that you have the right skills and knowledge for a specific technical position. Knowing how to write a technical resume should cover your credentials and grab the attention of the reader.Here are some of the free samples of technical resumes for you. Feel free to use them for your personal use. Please do not put these as it is on any other website.