If you need an . A theatre resume template is there also.

I have 3 different resumes depending on what I’m auditioning for. If I’m auditioning for a role in a play, I’ll bring my Theatre Resume. Same goes for a TV audition or Film Audition.


Over the years, conventions have developed specific to technical theatre resumes. The following are notes, rules, observations, and recommendations regarding the purpose or construction of a resume. Though they’re not absolutes, they’re guidelines worth considering.

Theater Arts / Theatre Resume Template

(Theatresrepresented include: Swift Creek Mill Playhouse, Haymarket Dinner

Tom Bentley-Fisher began his theatre career as an actor in London, England, where he worked regularly for BBC Radio and performed in the West End. In Canada, he spent full seasons with Toronto Workshop Productions, Young People's Theatre, and The Theatre Hour Company, as well as acting in regional theatres across the country. He has also worked in film and television. (A complete list of roles and projects available on request.)