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Now you have all the info and tips that are required to write a fitness trainer resume. See it isn’t as hard as you thought. Just organize your ideas and words in a nice format. If you need any additional help check the “Writing a fitness trainer resume” resume sample. It will help guide you while writing yours. Make sure to pay attention to the font and style, this adds to the first impression of the paper too. Good luck with your new job.

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This personal trainer resume belongs to Michael Kline. This resume opens up with a detailed description of the role of the candidate as a personal trainer. It enlists the areas of expertise of the candidate and gives an in-depth view of the career profile of Michael. To make it easy for the recruiter to study the resume, the candidate has listed out the competencies in bullet points. The total experience is listed in two sections. The first section denotes the recent experience of the candidate, in higher capacity. The job description is given in form of paragraphs whereas the achievements are listed in bullet form. The second experience is in role of front end manager. All education, certification and affiliation details are presented in one section. The resume ends with a statement that marks the willingness of the candidate to issue references and additional certifications, if requested. Candidates are free to adopt this style of resume writing, if it matches their career profile.

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Flexibility: The schedule for athletic trainers requires non-traditional hours at times, and your schedule may shift at short notice. Employers want staff members who are flexible and adaptable to ongoing changes and the needs of their clients.