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The organization structure has many hierarchies, and every position in this professional hierarchy has a set of job responsibilities. Usually, the head of the organizational hierarchy is the Chairman/President, and a level below is the Vice President. The Vice President is the second in command, and reports to the President or the Chairman. He/she is responsible for the functioning and revenue of the organization, and has direct control on all the policies, rules, regulations, decisions, functions, etc. The responsibilities and scope of work of the Vice President might vary with the type of organization, size of the organization, etc., but the core role remains the same. Let us learn more about this job profile, with reference to a construction industry vice president resume sample. The resume sample will help us understand the job role of a Vice President, and also present a ready format to help one draft a resume. The resume drafted for this position has to be in par with the position and expectation associated with it. Thus, drafting a perfect resume becomes even more important.

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Individuals either seeking a position as a vice president in a group or business or professionals already involved as a vice president seeking to become a president or CEO of a company or organization should examine sample vice president resumes online. Preparing a professional resume can be an arduous task, especially for individuals involved in occupations that place a great demand upon time. Having the ability to easily reference a sample resume allows busy professionals the opportunity to gain valuable insight in how to construct an effective document that will gain notice during an employment search.

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