What can a video resume do for you?

A video resume shouldn’t be a replica of your CV. It has to bring something more than what is written on your resume. A video is less constraining and enables you to take more liberties so you should take advantage of it. Introduce yourself, develop your most relevant experiences and explain what kind of job you are looking for and why companies should call you.

How can you show off your writing skills in a video resume?

Posting a video resume online allows job seekers to showcase who they are to potential employers. They help level the playing field. With a video resume, it matters less what school a job seeker attended, or the number of years she spent at her previous position, and more how the job seeker presents herself. Video resumes help employers to better grasp fundamental elements of a job seeker’s personality – including communication skills, enthusiasm for the position, creativity, and other factors.

Not sure you're ready to do a professional Video Resume?

Here are some ways to ensure proper grammar in your video resume before recording:

. The past couple of years have seen the rise of social networking sites. MyWorkster combines social networking with job and career building. Through MyWorkster, you get to build your online presence with an account that includes your profile, networks, blog, and video resume. Accounts are free, and once you have uploaded your video resume, you can send the URL to your prospective employer.