How to Walk Me Through Your Resume - Mergers & Inquisitions

1. Briefly walk me through your resume and tell me how you arrived at your current position.
Tip – In 10 min or less walk through your background. Highlight main job duties/responsibilities; provide a brief overview for career decisions; address why you want to shift your career direction, reasons for leaving various roles, and any gaps that might be on your resume. You are telling a story – set the stage with a great introduction.

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Preparing for your MBA interview? Then don’t let the common “walk me through your resume” question catch you off guard!

MBA Interview Questions: Walk Me Through Your Resume

Walk me through your resume.

Be Concise
Limit most of your answers to no more than 60 seconds. While practicing, record and time yourself to see how long it takes you to answer the typical questions you learned about in the previous chapters. For a multipart question such as “walk me through your resume,” you might get away with a two-minute response. However, the general principle is that it is always better to give a concise answer and allow your interviewer to ask follow-up questions on an aspect of your answer that intrigues him or her, than to try to say it all in a single response.