What makes a great resume? - The Naked CEO

Whether you're looking for example resumes in the traditional chronological format or the more focused functional resume format, we have resume samples that can help you learn what makes a great resume.

In a today’s article, we will talk about what makes a great resume in the field of marketing

While there are many elements of a successful job search, having a well-written resume is key. But if you ask 10 different people what makes a great resume, you'll get 10 different answers. How can ensure you focus on what matters most to an employer, particularly in the nonprofit sector? Join the experts from Idealist Careers to find out!

Understand What Makes a Great Resume

What makes a great resume?

What makes a great resume? What’s important to know is that these are marketing documents. It’s also important to know is that the average employer now takes only about 7 seconds to view it. So they are not reading these resumes, but rather they are scanning these resumes. So they need to know right off the bat, how you add value.