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You can keep these all in a single Word document for handy cut ‘n’ pasting into and out of your resumé, or create several different lists for different writing genres, if you have a few different specialties.

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Tara is a published writer and professional editor with extensive experience in writing copy for a number of industries and a background in career services. She has written resumes for customers in several fields and across all levels. Her specialty is in communicating ideas concisely in writing and she is proficient at helping clients put words to their achievements.

We’re eight days into 2010, and a major trend I’ve noticed this year is that more job advertisers than ever before (at least, in my experience) are requesting writing resumes. Fortunately, producing a copy of my writing resume doesn’t aggravate me as much as it used to.When you ask someone “Write my resume!” you definitely need something more than someone’s personal opinion. You may need a comprehensive review of all aspects of work of the websites engaged in resume writing. Our criteria of evaluation of the websites include: Since I started freelance writing, I’ve spent the first few weeks of every new year following exactly the same routine: Telling myself this is the year I will consistently apply for new writing jobs (no need to , right?), sticking to that goal with fevered excitement, and then finally realizing I have to take a break to update my writing resume. Well-written professional resume is your chance to get an employment you want, not the one you are offered. Professional CVs open all doors and you have more freedom of choice. You cannot have one resume to be sent to all companies. If you want to get an employment you want, you need to narrow your search to a couple of companies and write different resumes for each.